Residential Products

EcoWater Systems is the world's largest manufacturer of residential water treatment equipment, and since 1965 EcoWater / Servisoft of Middlefield, Inc. has been your local, authorized dealer for EcoWater products.  We offer numerous models of water softeners, water filters, and drinking water systems each addressing specific water conditions.  Our premium line of dealer products includes:

Softeners | Conditioners for:

Stains on your sinks, tubs, showers, and clothing
Build-up or etching on glassware
Damage due to scale in your pipes and appliances
Less lather from your shampoo and soap
Soap scum in the shower and tub

Refiners for:

Excessive chlorine and hardness associated with city water

Problem Water Filters for:

Bad Taste or Odors
Low pH damaging copper or galvanized pipes and water heaters
Cloudy or turbid water
Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates, and other contaminants

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems for:

Tastes and odors in drinking water
Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates, and other contaminants
Whole house applications

Additional scope of products includes;  Chlorination and pH adjustment chemical feed systems, air induction filters, ultra-violet (UV) disinfection, low well recovery systems, as well as pressure and retention tanks.

To insure everyone can enjoy the benefits of soft, iron free, odor free, and purified water, EcoWater / Servisoft offers sales, rentals, lease-to-own, and financing programs.